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About BEKO

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality. With an extensive program the company stands for compressed air technology "at its best"​.

For more than three decades, we have represented worldwide tried and tested compressed air and compressed gas technologies. Our products, systems and solutions ensure the required quality that our customers demand for their production processes – safely and energy-efficient. For quality made in Germany. And for values made by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES – Better through responsibility

We live from our family-oriented values and stand for humanity and mutual respect. This claim makes our products, systems and services even better. As an independent developer and production company we ensure, and are responsible for, individual solutions that make our customers' production processes more energy efficient. Operational and occupational safety, environmental friendliness and the contribution to humane working conditions represent a better, more holistic solution.

The compressed air supply for our end customers is improved by our products and systems for compressed air treatment and processing, combined with our know-how. Plant and system manufacturers have been relying on our products for many years, because this makes their plants and systems better. Traders also know very well why our honest and fair pricing structure is the best for their business.

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Installation & Commissioning

As we have been familiar with the design of compressed air processing for decades, we know as a manufacturer of products and systems for compressed air technology what is best for their professional installation and commissioning.

Maintenance & Service

You will receive a reliable source of compressed air quality with regular inspections and continuous maintenance. Prevent increased costs due to unexpected operational downtimes.


Exact measuring values are indispensable for your modern manufacturing technology, they are the relevant parameters for determining the efficiency of your compressed air system. Because only what one can measure, can then also be managed.

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